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Golf Trolleys

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Big Max Autofold FF Trolley

Autofold FF, Fast – compact – flat
£265.00 incl VAT

Big Max IQ+ Trolley

The name IQ says it all.
£215.00 incl VAT

ClicGear 3.5+ Golf Trolley

The Clicgear Model 3.5 Plus is the latest update of our very successful three wheel golf pushcart design. We have added several improvements to the original design to make this the best model ever.
£189.00 incl VAT £209.00 incl VAT

ClicGear 8.0 Golf Trolley

The Clicgear Model 8.0 is very unique. The design started with many requests for us to do a four wheel cart from our loyal customers. Most wanted to upgrade to something bigger and better from the Clicgear they already owned. The project started two years ago with the basics requirements and a long wish list of things we would like to do with the design. After two long years, we were finally happy with the design and started production on what will most likely be the benchmark for premium four wheel golf carts for a long time.
£209.00 incl VAT £229.00 incl VAT

ClicGear 8.0 Wheel Covers

The Clicgear Model 8.0 Wheel Cover help you keep your trunk clean.
£9.99 incl VAT

Hedgehog Wheel Covers 10inch

Designed for push/pull trolleys - this model is not suitable for electric trolleys.
£32.00 incl VAT

Motocaddy Accessory Station

Thanks to the innovative Accessory Station, all of these accessories can be fitted to a Motocaddy trolley at the same time.
£9.99 incl VAT

Motocaddy Cube Trolley

The newest addition to our compact folding range, the CUBE push trolley incorporates an incredibly simple two-step assembly system that allows it to quickly fold over 45% smaller than traditional push trolleys to fit into the smallest of car boots.
£149.99 incl VAT

Motocaddy Drinks Holder

The Drink Holder has been cleverly designed to hold both cans and bottles whilst offering an anti-spillage mechanism.
£9.99 incl VAT

Motocaddy M1 Lite Trolley

A member of the compact M-Series range, the M1 Lite Push Trolley has been developed as our smallest-folding trolley yet. The exclusive twin-tube frame and triple-hinge system allows the M1 Lite to fold down over 50% smaller than its S-Series equivalent. Easy-run oversize wheels, a foot-operated parking brake, adjustable handle height, integrated Accessory Station and an insulated food/beverage pouch provide exceptional features and functionality. IDEAL FOR : Space-conscious golfers looking for a technical push trolley.
£149.00 incl VAT

Motocaddy M1 Pro Trolley

The first of the compact-folding M-Series trolleys and a model that continues to gain popularity for its ease of storage and transportation, the M1 PRO can boast a number of standout features. These include an adjustable handle height, intuitive controls, plus an inbuilt device cradle accommodating a wide range of GPS devices that can be powered from the patented USB charging port. The three-point folding system has been developed to make the M1 PRO trolley over 40% smaller than its S-Series counterparts, while the twin-tube frame enables the battery to remain in its tray when folded. IDEAL FOR : Space-conscious golfers looking for a small-folding electric trolley.
£399.00 incl VAT

Motocaddy M3 Pro Trolley

The stand-out new product last season, the compact-folding M3 PRO captured the imagination of several leading golf magazine editors for being ‘intuitive, reliable and sturdy’ and offering ‘outstanding functionality, styling and storage’. Designed for the golfing enthusiast who seeks additional performance features, the flagship model in the M-Series range also includes an integrated Accessory Station, USB charging port and a full-colour digital screen with multiple distance readings. Widely recognised as the world’s most feature-packed trolley, the M3 PRO won the coveted ‘Gold Award’ in the top-selling Today’s Golfer magazine trolley test of 2014. IDEAL FOR : Golfers looking for a compact-folding trolley with wide-ranging features.
£549.00 incl VAT

Motocaddy P1 Trolley

The lightweight P1’s simple one-step folding mechanism means the trolley is ready for use in seconds.
£129.99 incl VAT

Motocaddy P360 Trolley

The new P360 Push Trolley offers exceptional manoeuvrability thanks to a 360° rotating front wheel that can be locked in a forward-facing position when required.
£169.99 incl VAT

Motocaddy S1 DHC Trolley

Introduced last season, the S1 DHC (Downhill Control) trolley incorporates the same features as the popular S1 model, but can maintain a constant speed while moving down a gradient – even on the steepest of slopes - thanks to a special single motor that offers downhill braking coupled with the UK’s first electronic parking brake.
£499.99 incl VAT