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Every golfer is UNIQUE, so ensuring that you have the correct equipment to MATCH YOUR SWING is essential for you to MAXIMISE the ENJOYMENT and PERFORMANCE from your golf equipment


Silvermere’s four unique indoor/outdoor technology studios are fitted with the latest Foresight Sports GCQuad Technology and premium Srixon Z star range balls, which enables our experts to study your swing in unsurpassed detail to better understand and improve your game.

Why Get Fitted
at Silvermere?

  •  4 dedicated Fitting Studio's for full Custom Fitting
  •  Foresight Sports GCQuad Technology
  •  FSX delivering powerful data analysis
  •  Premium Srixon Z Star Golf Balls
  •  Extensive range of equipment
  •  Eight Highly qualified custom fitter
  •  Over 120 years of combined PGA custom fitting experience
  •  Home to 11 Regional & Acvanced fitting Centres


Introducing GCQuad–the world’s first quadrascopic launch monitor. 

Six years after introducing the revolutionary GC2, Foresight Sports has once again pushed the boundaries of innovation to create the most accurate, versatile and game-changing launch monitor available today.

The GCQuad delivers unprecedented ball and club performance data as well as a spectrum of professional features in a compact, ergonomic design.





FSX delivers powerful data analysis and visualization features. Intuitive, fully-illustrated depictions of ball flight and club head data ensure easy analysis of each and every shot. When the session is complete, player data can be accessed via the FSX Live account set up during your fit.



A full look at your entire bag. We will use the latest technology to capture a vast amount of dynamic data and analyse your swing characteristics.

Extensive testing, conclusive results and recommendations. Please speak to a Custom Fitting Expert today for further details.

Purchase a min of 6 irons and 1 wood to receive an £80 refund.


An assessment of you current woods, made up of a number of measurements and data. Test a number of different brands and models, then we’ll fine tune to dial in the best performing driver, fairways and/or hybrids to create the ultimate clubs bespoke to you.

£30 fit fee refund on order of 1 wood

£40 fit fee refund on order of 2 woods

£60 fit fee refund on order of 3 woods

Iron Fitting

An assessment of you current wood, made up of a number of measurements and data.

Test a number of different brands and models, then we’ll fine tune to dial in the best performing driver, fairway or hybrid for your game.

£20 fit fee refund on placement of your order. 


A full iron custom fit evaluation.

A private custom fit studio is the perfect setting for testing a range of irons and fine tuning head types, shaft types/flexes, lengths and lie angles to dial in the best performing equipment for you.

£40 fit fee refund on placement of your order.


We have a huge range of demo products, as well as many custom options.

Try different wedges and compare to find the perfect “gapping” to help improve your game.

£15 fit fee refund on purchase of 1 or 2 wedges or £30 fit fee refund on purchase of three wedges.


Let us help you find the perfect putter bespoke to your putting stroke.

You can try different options and compare, to find the perfect equipment to help improve your short game.

£20 fit fee fully refunded on placement of your order.

Silvermere's Custom Fit Accreditations



Our elite fitting staff are Professional golfers who are full of knowledge and experience, with clients including European Tour Players. Our professional PGA trained fitters have the most advanced tools and technologies available to analyse your swing and give a full assessment of your player profile to determine the clubs that will help you improve.




  • Monday 7:00am - 10:00pm
  • Tuesday 7:00am - 10:00pm
  • Wednesday 7:00am - 10:00pm
  • Thursday 7:00am - 10:00pm
  • Friday 7:00am - 10:00pm
  • Saturday 7:00am - 8:30pm
  • Sunday 7:00am - 8:30pm


Simon Harris

I didn't realise how much difference it could make. Absolutely delighted with the results.

Sam Ward

Had my custom fitting today with Jamie a very friendly chap made me feel relaxed and at home his knowledge on your swing and club selection was phenomenal with in a couple of swings we already new which one was for me can't wait to use them Silvermere excellent.

David Watts

I was blown away by the fitting service. The camera and tracking system was a revelation and an amazing way of providing hard metrics to such an emotive activity...

Andy Warner Lacey

Been a few times now and have to say the service is top notch...

Garry Kath

It’s this type of service, (coupled with the choice you offer), that is the reason that despite being members of a fabulous club with great facilities, my wife and I buy our clubs at Silvermere!

Kim Walker

Very many thanks for your time this afternoon. I don’t know where you find the patience for old duffers like me. It was fascinating , fun and hugely informative. I learnt more in an hour than in the last ten years .

Dr Hogg

Alan Palmer

Excellent. Jamie was great, v. Friendly helpful and knowledgeable. I’ve been able to buy with confidence due to the quality of the fit, I really enjoyed the process 1st class.

Keith Vadas

Just wanted to say thanks again for the custom fitting session last Sunday. Wow... What a huge difference it's making. The strike is much more consistent and more solid throughout the set. I will certainly be booking in again for a driver fitting later in the year!

Aaron Blackman

Great facilities. My friends have told me about Silvermere before but Friday last was my first experience of your excellent facilities. I know where I need to go in future to get a great fitting service, to find a brilliant shop and superb driving range; Silvermere has it all!

Paul Owen

I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for the custom fit golf clubs which were delivered successfully. They had their first outing this week and I hit 4 pars on the first 5 holes so am delighted with them! I really appreciated your offer to do a custom fit in London which was truly first ... Read more

Dave Taylor

Bill was excellent. The whole experience was great and nice to feel the purchase was very specific. Anyone purchasing new equipment should invest in this experience. Excellent and service – thank you. Unbelievable choice of clubs for a Left Hander!

Frank Myron

Jamie was very good at explaining the fitting process, it help make the whole fitting session a really enjoyable experience. Already recommended to a friend & brother. Personally I don't think it (the overall experience) could be (improved), it was a very relaxed & enjoyable fitting.

Richard Hopwood

I found the whole custom fitting experience at Silvermere excellent and you were very professional and patient in your approach to make sure I got the best clubs for me. What a terrific set up you have there. Can’t wait to get my new clubs as I believe they will make a real difference to me and... Read more



Mark Needham

Just a quick note to say what a fantastic experience I had at Silvermere on Friday with Jamie. My introduction to Jamie was made via David Aitchison and his patience, knowledge and genuine interest in... Read more

Angie Mcmillan

My 13 year-old son and I are near-beginners and have had several month's of coaching with Nathan. The lessons have been great - Nathan takes time to explain why techniques work as well as showing us what to do, he is teaching us all aspects of the game and his coaching is really clear. ... Read more

Peter & Joe Downie

I have been working with Ron for about a year. He has helped me develop as a player. He does not bang on about the the technical side of the swing but does analyse what I am doing, suggesting alternatives and encourage the whole learning process.... Read more

Nick Ansell

I have been having lessons with Nathan over the last 3 years. When I started with him my golf was a mess as a result of little golf following a badly broken arm. Nathan's style impressed me at once as he rebuilt my game taking account of my physical limitations and age. The process has been very... Read more

John Knight

I have been having 2 or 3 lessons a month with Nathan for about a year now. In that time he has totally transformed my swing and my attitude to playing golf. Life before Nathan I would struggle to break 100 on any course, now I can play to the early 20's and I'm still improving. ... Read more

Neil Burrows

I came to Jason as a complete novice having never swung a club before, within 9 weeks i was playing to a 34 handicap and continuing to improve constantly, he has helped me find a real love and enthusiasm for the game, his coaching method is so friendly and extremely positive i absolutely love my... Read more

Pollyanna Woodward

I have had the benefit of coaching from Callum for a number of months. Having previously had some golf coaching which I saw little benefit from it was immediately clear that Callum very quickly identified the cause of my slice! What has then made the difference is Callum's ability to keep the... Read more


I have been incredibly lucky to have worked with Jason Banting for over 12 years during my golfing career. He has taught me a lot about the mechanical side of the golf swing and improved my game immeasurably. As well as being an awesome golf coach Jason has brilliant people skills, his positivity... Read more

Steven Richardson

I have recently started working with Ben and EBC, about 5 months ago. In that time Ben has analysed my strength and weaknesses, in order to decide where we should start. Consequently we found my putting and short game was not good enough so we have been working hard on that, the results are... Read more


I started working with Jason after I met him at The Portuguese Open in 2006 where he was coaching Ryder Cup player, Steve Richardson. It was a pure coincidence but turned out to be a wonderful blessing. He made some interesting observations about my swing and from there our relationship developed… Read more

Philip Golding

My son has been a member of Silvermere's junior golf academy for over 2 years now and thoroughly enjoys his lessons. The academy is professionally run, developing not only his golfing game, also his social skills and confidence.


Since I have worked with Jason on my golf swing my game has improved also bringing down my scores. Jason has helped me understand the mechanics of my swing and breaks down his explanations of what I need to achieve so I can digest them without getting lost. I have seen such improvements that... Read more

Andrew Marshall