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Children's Plastic Golf Set

Great gift for a child with an interest in the game of golf.

Golf Ball Retriever

Perfect for water hazards.

Golf Micro Ball Retriever

Pocket ball retriever - perfect for water hazards.

Golf Clikka Tube

Practice balls can be stored in tube and easily collected after practice through pushing tube down on golf ball.

Golf Practice Mat

Can be used for practicing tee shots, iron shots and chipping.

Golf Practice Shag Bag

Stores practice balls in bag and allows easy collection after practice by picking balls up through the end of the tube when pushed down on golf ball.

Hedgehog Wheel Covers 10inch

Designed for push/pull trolleys - this model is not suitable for electric trolleys.

SKLZ Left Handed Training Grip

Now you can train your muscle memory to always use the correct grip using this wonderful new training aid. The grip trainer fits over any of your existing clubs with standard width grips.

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