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About Ping

The PING story began in 1959 in the Redwood City, California garage of Karsten and Louise Solheim where Karsten, a Norwegian-born engineer and frustrated golfer, set out to design a putter that would improve his golf game by applying what he called "the simplest laws of physics and mechanics" to the problem of knocking little white balls into a hole. Little then did he know that he would end up revolutionizing the golf industry and establish one of the most successful companies in the history of golf.

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PING Sigma 2 Valor Putter

A new model, this high-MOI mallet features a uniquely designed heel-toe ballast profile that contributes to its incredible stability and ease of aiming, with help from a long, contrasting alignment line. On shorter putts in particular, the added stability of the heavier 365-gram design offers a big performance advantage. This putter can be custom-built as either a face-balanced or mid-hang design to be optimized for golfers with almost any stroke type.

PING Sigma 2 Wolverine H Putter

Its angular shape combines with ball-shape geometries and a long alignment line to simplify aiming for improved accuracy. To promote consistency, the heavier 370-gram mallet head provides a very high moment of inertia for extreme forgiveness, especially on shorter putts. The mid-hang balance ensures better all-round performance for a wide range of golfers

PING Sigma 2 ZB2 Putter

The ZB with a modern twist. The deeper center cavity and heel-toe weighting increase moment of inertia by more than 25% in this new model and make it as forgiving as an Anser. The heel-shafted weighting is engineered to fit players with more rotation in their stroke and those who have a pull tendency. This putter’s blade design and medium head weight provide versatility from anywhere on the green.