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  • Excellent. Jamie was great, v. Friendly helpful and knowledgeable. I’ve been able to buy with confidence due to the quality of the fit,  I really enjoyed the process 1st class.

    Keith Vadas

  • Just wanted to say thanks again for the custom fitting session last Sunday. Wow... What a huge difference it's making. The strike is much more consistent and more solid throughout the set. I will certainly be booking in again for a driver fitting later in the year!

    Aaron Blackman

  • Great facilities. My friends have told me about Silvermere before but Friday last was my first experience of your excellent facilities. I know where I need to go in future to get a great fitting service, to find a brilliant shop and superb driving range; Silvermere has it all!

    Paul Owen

  • I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for the custom fit golf clubs which were delivered successfully. They had their first outing this week and I hit 4 pars on the first 5 holes so am delighted with them! I really appreciated your offer to do a custom fit in London which was truly first class customer support. Thanks very much - you have secured a long term customer.

    Dave Taylor

  • Bill was excellent. The whole experience was great and nice to feel the purchase was very specific. Anyone purchasing new equipment should invest in this experience. Excellent and service – thank you. Unbelievable choice of clubs for a Left Hander!

    Frank Myron

  • Jamie was very good at explaining the fitting process, it help make the whole fitting session a really enjoyable experience. Already recommended to a friend & brother. Personally I don't think it (the overall experience) could be (improved), it was a very relaxed & enjoyable fitting.

    Richard Hopwood

  • I found the whole custom fitting experience at Silvermere excellent and you were very professional and patient in your approach to make sure I got the best clubs for me. What a terrific set up you have there. Can’t wait to get my new clubs as I believe they will make a real difference to me and enable me to move towards (or into) single figures!🙂


  • Excellent.

    Mark Needham

  • Just a quick note to say what a fantastic experience I had at Silvermere on Friday with Jamie.  My introduction to Jamie was made via David Aitchison and his patience, knowledge and genuine interest in my club fitting was superb. Can't wait to pick up my new clubs and get fitted for my woods! Great facilities and staff at Silvermere; won't hesitate to recommend you.

    Angie Mcmillan

  • I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for the custom fit golf clubs which were delivered successfully. They had their first outing this week and I hit 4 pars on the first 5 holes so am delighted with them! I really appreciated your offer to do a custom fit in London which was truly first class customer support. Thanks very much - you have secured a long term customer.

    Dave Taylor

  • My 13 year-old son and I are near-beginners and have had several month's of coaching with Nathan. The lessons have been great - Nathan takes time to explain why techniques work as well as showing us what to do, he is teaching us all aspects of the game and his coaching is really clear. Joint lessons work well because we both have a chance to practice what we are learning and it's good to learn a new sport together.

    Peter & Joe Downie

  • I have been working with Ron for about a year. He has helped me develop as a player. He does not bang on about the the technical side of the swing but does analyse what I am doing, suggesting alternatives and encourage the whole learning process. I have dropped from 24 to 14 in the times I have worked with Ron. I have recommended Ron to my friends as I feel he is an excellent teacher/coach and I always leave our sessions with small things to work on – he never makes wholesale changes that can ruin your golf on the course.

    Nick Ansell

  • I have been having lessons with Nathan over the last 3 years. When I started with him my golf was a mess as a result of little golf following a badly broken arm. Nathan's style impressed me at once as he rebuilt my game taking account of my physical limitations and age. The process has been very steady and when I have had setbacks he set me right. He's thoughtful, innovative and patient. He's also very good company too.

    John Knight

  • I have been having 2 or 3 lessons a month with Nathan for about a year now. In that time he has totally transformed my swing and my attitude to playing golf. Life before Nathan I would struggle to break 100 on any course, now I can play to the early 20's and I'm still improving. It's also worth having chipping and putting lessons as this is where I think I have improved the most. We also have a laugh together which is important, just don't get him started on his Twitter comments.

    Neil Burrows

  • I came to Jason as a complete novice having never swung a club before, within 9 weeks i was playing to a 34 handicap and continuing to improve constantly, he has helped me find a real love and enthusiasm for the game, his coaching method is so friendly and extremely positive i absolutely love my lessons and can’t wait to learn more and more and improve under his mentoring, learning to play golf with Jason is like learning to play golf with a friend, but he really brings out the best in you and your swing, he is in my opinion one of the best golf coach’s out there.

    Pollyanna Woodward

    TV Presenter

  • I have had the benefit of coaching from Callum for a number of months. Having previously had some golf coaching which I saw little benefit from it was immediately clear that Callum very quickly identified the cause of my slice! What has then made the difference is Callum's ability to keep the instruction simple, breaking the solution down into easily understandable and achievable fixes. Equally he explained to me how to make best use of the Trackman to monitor my progress. My swing has effectively been re-built and my golf is continuing to improve and I am now confident that my handicap will now reduce too. Callum has also helped me to choose the best clubs to buy with a club fitting session, explaining in simple terms the data, and rather than attempting to sell me the more expensive clubs, steered me towards the ones which were the best fit for me. In short, Callum is a high quality golf professional who's coaching works.


  • I have been incredibly lucky to have worked with Jason Banting for over 12 years during my golfing career. He has taught me a lot about the mechanical side of the golf swing and improved my game immeasurably. As well as being an awesome golf coach Jason has brilliant people skills, his positivity is infectious and as long as I have known him he has been 100% supportive and committed to my golf game. Jason is so much fun to be with and makes any coaching session a fantastic balance of golf skill and enjoyment of a game that he is totally passionate about.

    Steven Richardson

    Former European Tour Multiple Winner and Ryder Cup Player

  • I have recently started working with Ben and EBC, about 5 months ago. In that time Ben has analysed my strength and weaknesses, in order to decide where we should start. Consequently we found my putting and short game was not good enough so we have been working hard on that, the results are showing already as my handicap has been cut from 10 to 5, in this short space! We haven't just been working on short game we vary the lessons to improve each area, normally we work in one of the studios with a launch monitor, this is where Ben is an expert helping me to understand and develop my game while improving my knowledge of my numbers that I generate. Overall I think that Ben is a very very good coach, is very dedicated with early starts and late evenings and I believe that Ben has a brilliant understanding of each aspects, be it putting, short game and long game along with preparing you mentally.


  • I started working with Jason after I met him at The Portuguese Open in 2006 where he was coaching Ryder Cup player, Steve Richardson. It was a pure coincidence but turned out to be a wonderful blessing. He made some interesting observations about my swing and from there our relationship developed, both professionally and as close friends. Jason is a true professional, very detailed yet uncomplicated. In tournaments he allows you to play with freedom and without unnecessary swing thoughts. He worked with me on all aspects of the game, including the physical element and was very helpful with the mental side of my game…a necessary evil for all players. In addition he occasionally caddied for me on the European Tour where he was a great asset, one of the best caddies that I have ever had by my side. Jason is very ambitious and extremely passionate, which is why he is a very successful teacher, whether he’s coaching a European Tour player or a regular club golfer. He is also one of the good guys, a genuine person with a wicked sense of humour and who is great company. I have recommended Jason many times and will continue to do so.

    Philip Golding

    European Tour Player and Winner of the French Open

  • My son has been a member of Silvermere's junior golf academy for over 2 years now and thoroughly enjoys his lessons. The academy is professionally run, developing not only his golfing game, also his social skills and confidence.


  • Since I have worked with Jason on my golf swing my game has improved also bringing down my scores. Jason has helped me understand the mechanics of my swing and breaks down his explanations of what I need to achieve so I can digest them without getting lost. I have seen such improvements that I now feel happier and more confident on the course even when things don’t go my way. And I owe a great deal of that to Jason.

    Andrew Marshall

    European Tour Player